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Privately owned companies face unique challenges in the Food & Beverage sector from sustaining growth to staying relevant to the changing consumer preferences. One of the most valuable insights for both food entrepreneurs and investors is that a well-designed exit strategy and well-executed divestiture process can help you realize the most compelling valuation when the time comes to transition your business.

When it is time to buy, sell or grow your business through acquisitions, Next Point can help guide a successful process. We work with companies across all sectors of Food & Beverage industry.

Food and Beverage Sectors

  • Commercial Bakeries
  • Plant Based
  • Snack Foods
  • Proteins
  • Chocolate & Confectionaries
  • Natural & Organic
  • Cookies & Crackers
  • Alcoholic Beverage
  • Co-packers
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Pasta and Flour Mix

A Saucy Success Story

Founded in 2000, a Sauce Company grew both organically and through acquisitions from a single product distributed to local grocery stores to multiple brands with several distribution channels including retail, private label, and food service.

The owner understood that while the Company was well positioned for further growth; new capital investment would be required to upgrade the plant and equipment to support additional growth.

Based on his risk appetite and in the face of other business investment opportunities, he decided to put the Company up for sale.

Our Solution

Next Point was hired to run our traditional divestiture process, which begins by building a business summary deck.

Simultaneously, Next researched prospective strategic buyers across the Country and put together a list of Private Equity firms with investments in this space.

Once the deck was built and the research completed, we proceeded to directly contact each of the buyers to determine if they were interested in learning more about the strategic acquisition opportunity.

Twenty-two strategic prospective buyers considered the investment, and ultimately, the owner received two letters of intent to purchase the Company.

The Turning Point

Our client went down the due diligence road with one offer before deciding to walk away from that first buyer.

The next offer was a better match for the Company’s founder as it allowed him to maintain a 25% interest in the Company and have a role in its future success.

Today the Company has made additional investments in infrastructure and has already made an additional acquisition to continue its growth trajectory.


Let’s talk about how we can help you, what we can do, and your goals for your company.

Our Food and Beverage Team

We seek to keep things simple and practical. We approach your situation as owners, not consultants. We are coaches and facilitators, not decision makers.

We run a very time-sensitive and disciplined M&A process that aims to maintain confidentiality. We seek to keep things simple and practical as we work to develop clarity and focus for our clients as they navigate through a transaction.

Jui Trivedi
Jui Trivedi
Jui Trivedi

Jui Trivedi

"Successful ownership transition requires careful planning and professional execution. Understanding the business owner's goals is the first step to discovering the best approach to the solution that will deliver the best results."

Phone: 585-506-5531

Jui is part of the Merger & Acquisition and Advisory teams at Next Point, leading the firm’s Rochester, NY office. Her area of focus includes mergers and acquisitions, value enhancement strategies to increase enterprise value and strategic exit plans for small and middle market business owners.

She uses her more than 18 years of broad-based entrepreneurial and advisory experience to provide practical advice to help clients grow the value of their businesses and sell it for the maximum return. Her prior experience also includes working with fortune 100 companies in various financial planning and joint venture management roles, emphasizing financial analysis, business modeling and risk management.

Cathy Willig

Cathy Willig

"Sometimes owners just need another set of eyes."

Phone: 716.847.1485 ext. 0

Cathy has been a member of the Next Point team since the inception of the partnership in 2004. She not only performs a wide variety of administrative functions, but she also plays a key role in supporting the Mergers and Acquisitions group and is responsible for preparing the CIMs. Cathy first worked in the consulting business in 2001, when she joined a Buffalo business broker. There she met two of the partners who would go on to form Next Point and agreed to move to the new business. She is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, and a certified notary. In her administrative role, Cathy is involved in virtually all communications inside and outside the firm. Consequently, she believes that clear and consistent communications are key to building solid client relationships. Cathy brings to Next Point an ability to deal even-handedly with a number of projects and individuals at any one time. She is involved with project management, marketing, data room management, bookkeeping, reception, and office management, along with her role in various client matters.