Metal Manufacturing M&A Transaction Specialists

Next Point talks to hundreds of buyers and sellers in the metal manufacturing industry every month, and thousands every year; we have unique insight into the evaluation criteria and metrics particular to this industry.

Our metal manufacturing divestiture process utilizes an industry-specific Confidential Business Memorandum (“CIM”), our proprietary buyers list, and an automated marketing process to provide our clients with options and match them with the right strategic buyer.

Unlike general M&A firms, Next Point has experienced advisors with industry-specific knowledge. This type of specialized knowledge is important because it increases your probability of getting a deal done.

Delivering Value

Our Value Proposition

Next Point is unique because we’ve developed the most comprehensive database of serial buyers in the metal manufacturing industry in the United States. Better serial buyers provide sellers better results for achieving higher valuations.

Next Point’s unique divestiture process guides metal manufacturing business owners by transitioning the business to a strategic industry buyer. We know what buyers are looking for, and we ensure sellers focus on the elements of value that produce the best results.

Our Repeatable Process

Better CIM

Providing buyers with valuable insight and a deeper understanding into the industry metrics and criteria.

Better Buyer Research Data

We have compiled a proprietary database of over 25,000 metal manufacturing companies including 3,900 serial buyers to create a resource far more comprehensive than any list you can buy. Our targeted list helps our clients close transactions at higher valuations.

Experienced Negotiations

The participation of an industry specialist lends confidence to sophisticated buyers. Knowing what success looks like from both sides helps close deals faster.