Facing a difficult business challenge?

Rest assured, you’re not alone.

As business owners ourselves, we've encountered many of the same situations you might be facing.

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Our services aren’t a menu you choose from,
they’re a list of ingredients we use to make a recipe for success.

When business owners find themselves facing new and unfamiliar challenges, we can serve as advisors, coaches, or interim resources.

Because each company’s situation is unique, our services are tailored to create a custom strategy for each project that often incorporates more than one discipline from Next Point’s capabilities.

We offer solutions for each phase of the business life cycle and many of our clients return with new projects as the needs of their businesses change over time. Our capabilities to adapt to changing circumstances and to approach each situation from a variety of perspectives are what makes Next Point unique.

Let’s start by having a conversation about the challenges you face, and your goals for your company.

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Dean Rockwell

"Our role is not so much to provide the answers, but to frame the right questions to help you find and implement solutions to your unique set of circumstances."

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A.K.A. “Rocky”, a Next Point founding Partner, heads up our Mergers & Acquisitions practice. He has a true entrepreneurial background having owned, operated, and sold multiple businesses of his own. Rocky has over 35 years of experience facilitating M&A transactions, having completed over 300, involving both private and publicly held companies, on a national and international basis. He has been particularly successful in selling smaller firms to large corporate buyers.

Rocky is both process and client-oriented from start to finish. He has a history of making business owners comfortable throughout the M&A process. He feels strongly that open and direct communication with clients and parties on both sides of a transaction is the best approach for a chance at a successful outcome.

By highlighting factors that are often overlooked, Rocky has an ability to frame the value proposition of a transaction in such a way that both sides are better able to appreciate the synergies that a sale or acquisition will bring to their existing operations. He helps owners to see the other side’s perspective of the transaction and using his process he is able to both enhance deal value and improve the likelihood of closing the transaction.

Charlie Maclay

"When your company experiences declining performance, what is needed is objectivity, clarity, realistic expectations, and a game plan for resolution. Value is created when the operations of the business execute in alignment with their strategy and business model."

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As one of our founding partners, Charlie heads up Next Point’s Advisory Services practices focused on turnaround and corporate renewal and growth. Charlie works with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and execute operational, financial and strategic improvement opportunities.

Charlie has a 30-year history of Leadership experience in both turnaround and corporate renewal situations, both as an independent consultant and as a CEO or Senior Executive in mid-size and large companies. He has provided strategic and general management leadership for multi-national industrial companies in the U.S. and abroad. He is currently the President of the Upstate New York Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association.

Charlie brings a unique combination of a breadth of experience and calm and reassuring demeanor that together create confidence in clients and others. He is able to quickly determine the critical and urgent steps necessary to achieve success. He is able to help the owners/CEO’s focus on constructive action steps necessary to complete a successful change.

Charlie believes strongly that credibility with the various groups with which Next Point interacts is earned by creating real value thru open and honest dealing, and by consistent delivery of good results. Credibility is, in turn, the key to consistent success for a firm like Next Point.

Dennis Donovan

"Aligning your debt structure with your strategic intent helps you focus on where you want your business to go, rather than relying on where you have already been."

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Dennis is one of Next Point’s founding partners. He heads up the Corporate Finance practice, and acts as lead negotiator in developing sound financial transactions on behalf of many Next Point clients. Dennis has a long history of helping companies through periods of transition, his background in public accounting (D’Alba & Donovan) and in mergers and acquisition financing have prepared Dennis to provide sound financial and business advice to Next Point clients.

Dennis brings deep experience in financial accounting, valuations, and financial transactions to every client. His own experience as an owner has given him an extra dimension and perspective not always found in financial professionals. He believes strongly that we need to create innovative solutions for our clients, and that we should think “out of the box” even in apparently routine transactions. Whether on a strategic or tactical level, creativity and fair treatment of clients will deliver good value.

Dennis insists that Next Point deliver top value to each and every client. He feels that if we take on only those engagements where we can deliver value, our client relationships will be both sustainable and long running.

Alan Pawlowski

"By focusing on your most critical issues, you initiate the right actions, in the right sequence to get to the next step."

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Alan is a Next Point Partner and a member of both the Advisory and M&A teams. With over 25 years of experience in operational & financial management at all levels, Alan’s background qualifies him particularly well for assessing the financial and operational position of client firms. He has served as CEO, COO, CFO and Controller in firms of various sizes, and has a deep understanding of the needs of a wide range of companies and industries.

Alan’s approach of coaching business owners to make tough decisions fits in perfectly with Next Point’s mission to address the needs of business owners in transition with integrity and professionalism, and to deliver practical assistance of real value.

Alan offers a diverse skill set to Next Point client’s that includes business and market analysis, strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, sales, dissolution, and turnaround leadership of operational and financial teams to return a business to a state of growth and profitability. His particular combination of experiences and abilities has uniquely prepared him to seek and obtain a good outcome for his clients.

Alan believes that business owners who find themselves forced outside their comfort zones by external change often need outside perspective to assess and prioritize their problems, and to formulate appropriate strategic responses.

Colleen Allegretti

"Translating ideas into action is where the rubber hits the road."

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Colleen is a member of the Next Point Advisory team who excels at providing an on-demand resource for our client’s ongoing project needs. She is accomplished in the development and implementation of strategies in a wide-range of competencies including organizational development, process improvement, financial analysis, and marketing strategies. Colleen also assists Next Point’s M&A team with project management from beginning to end to ensure a seamless workflow.

Colleen’s strength is her ability to have a clear vision of how to transition projects forward from ideation, through execution to successful completion. She has extensive experience working with a variety of small business owners as an outsourced project manager - this diverse knowledge and experience allows her to have a depth of perspective across all our clients. Colleen is ready and willing to participate at a high level on a variety of project initiatives to help business owners who may struggle with bandwidth. Colleen has been instrumental and valued for her ability to create financial metrics that are important for owners to measure in order to gauge progress on their initiatives. Measure what you can and know why!

Colleen has always been a problem solver and she brings her well-honed skill sets to Next Point’s team to ensure clients focus on their highest opportunities and evaluate priorities. From this vantage point, Colleen then can lead them to execute against clear strategies to achieve real results. She believes that honesty, integrity and respectful treatment of clients and her team is an intrinsic and winning strategy for any business and sees these qualities in Next Point.

David Penharlow

"Indecision is your worst enemy. You have to have a well-defined objective, develop your plan accordingly, and take action."

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Dave is a key member of the Next Point team, affectionately known as our serial entrepreneur. That is because he brings a broad depth of real-life experience as a founder, buyer, owner, and seller of start-ups and companies in distress. Growing up in Fredonia, NY, Dave worked for many years for his father’s automotive distribution operation, gaining insight at an early age into the workings of small business.

He later built on that knowledge in the energy industry, helping to found a company that offered competitive energy solutions to consumers of electricity and natural gas. Upon selling that business, Dave founded a residential propane company serving areas in Erie and Niagara counties. His experience also includes manufacturing, fabrication, and metal distribution.

Dave also brings experience in local government to Next Point, having served as a town board member in the Town of Pomfret in Chautauqua County where he built a reputation as a champion for strong fiscal policies. This varied background enables Dave to see Next Point’s client situations from many different angles, helping them to identify their objectives and create a plan to meet their goals.

Dave believes the Next Point team’s ability to relate to each client’s circumstance is a major advantage no matter what the business challenge.

Eli Tubbs

"Value should be measured by the impact to the bottom line."

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Eli is a member of the Mergers and Acquisitions team, specializing in developing and rolling out initial communications with targeted investors. He works with market research information to identify and contact the most likely strategic and financial buyers for our client’s assets.

With 40 years of experience, predominantly in the food industry, Eli has come to believe that attention to detail, including timely delivery of your product or service, is the key to ongoing success in any business. He is committed to building trust through intelligent, enthusiastic, and above all honest, communications with clients.

Eli has owned and operated several entrepreneurial companies, mostly in the food industry, during his 40-year business career. His experience with small and mid-size businesses gives him a good sense for the concerns of private owners of such companies. Eli is a team player who talks easily to both clients and prospective investors. With his extensive experience, he can relate to both groups in terms of his own experience.

Cathy Willig

"Sometimes owners just need another set of eyes."

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Cathy has been a member of the Next Point team since the inception of the partnership in 2004. She not only performs a wide variety of administrative functions, but she also plays a key role in supporting the Mergers and Acquisitions group. Cathy first worked in the consulting business in 2001, when she joined a Buffalo business broker. There she met two of the partners who would go on to form Next Point, and agreed to move to the new business. She is a graduate of the University at Buffalo, and a certified notary.

In her administrative role, Cathy is involved in virtually all communications inside and outside the firm. Consequently, she believes that clear and consistent communications are key to building solid client relationships.

Cathy brings to Next Point an ability to deal even handedly with a number of projects and individuals at any one time. She is involved with project management, marketing, data room management, bookkeeping, reception, and office management, along with her role in various client matters.

Ronald Teplitsky

"Value comes from executing practical solutions to complex issues."



Ron is a Partner heading up the firm’s Central New York office.  Before joining Next Point, Ron was founder of a management advisory practice that assisted clients in turnarounds, profit improvement, financing, and strategic issues. His experience includes executive, strategic, financial and operating management in a number of businesses and industries. He has also served as COO, CFO, and shareholder in several large and small businesses in Upstate New York and has owned, operated, and sold several businesses himself.

Ron adds a disciplined, rational approach to problem solving and practical business experience that are available to Next Point clients everywhere. Ron has extensive experience in finance, business & financial modeling, strategic planning, business restructuring, profit improvement, divestitures & acquisitions, IT and systems development.

Ron feels that Next Point needs to understand and integrate both the personal goals and the business challenges faced by our clients. With this understanding, we can offer a dispassionate perspective leading to solutions to often complex problems. Ron finds the ability of Next Point to help private business owners work through their problems both exciting and satisfying.

William Heussler

"Every business challenge has embedded in it a business opportunity."



Bill is a Project Manager and a member of the Mergers and Acquisitions team, specializing in developing and rolling out initial communications with targeted investors. He works with market research information to identify and contact the most likely strategic and financial buyers for our client’s assets.

During his 28 years in small business, Bill has been an owner/manager of a family business, a principal in a partnership, and leader of two start-ups. With this rich background, he understands the range of challenges and opportunities that can lie in any business situation.

Bill believes that in business there is an opportunity embedded in every challenge. Bill is most effective when assisting clients uncover these opportunities, and in helping to determine how best to capitalize on them through careful planning and execution.

Bill, a business leader and lifelong resident of Western New York, feels strongly that he has an obligation to help the community become the thriving place that it once was, and can once again be. His personal goal is to play an active role in this transformation. Bill’s entrepreneurial perspective and spirit drive him to help others succeed for the overall benefit of Western New York.